Why is Key Realty the Premier Real Estate School of Nevada?

When it comes to choosing the best real estate school of Nevada, there’s no better choice than Key Realty School. With over 20 years of proven education excellence, beginning a career in real estate starts with Key Realty! Our curriculum for Nevada real estate helps prepare prospective students for a lucrative and successful career in real estate throughout the Nevada market. When you enroll in the premier real estate school of Nevada, you can take solace in knowing you’re obtaining a well-rounded and top notch education in real estate. Our Nevada real estate curriculum concentrates on the following:

  • Pre-Licensing: With Key Realty real estate school of Nevada, our pre-licensing comes with 3 different options in our 90 hour Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Course: Home study, online programs, and classroom programs. Choosing which you prefer helps prospective students pick the choice that best suits them. With 4 main subjects including realty, agency, finance, and Nevada Law, students learn what it takes to obtain a Nevada real estate license, to help start a career in the field.  For more information on Pre-Licensing, click here.
  • Broker Licensing: In Nevada, there are 3 different types of real estate licenses that are issued by the Nevada Real Estate Division: salesperson, broker salesperson, and broker. With a slew of broker qualifying courses, Key Realty helps students prepare to obtain and maintain a broker license. For more information on broker licensing, click here.
  • Out of State Licensee courses:  Students who currently hold a license in another state are often exempt from specific portions of the Nevada real estate pre licensing curriculum. However, an 18 hour law course is required to learn Nevada law in order to obtain a license for Nevada. For more information on out of state licensee courses, click here.
  • Post Licensing: Key Realty School offers 30 hours of useful courses for real estate post licensing education. Designed for students completed their first year education requirements only. Broken down into 15 major topics, students are taught about topics that are designed to maintain their understanding of the real estate field and sales process as they progress through their first year of having a license. For more information, click here.

The premier real estate school of Nevada is Key Realty School. We take great pride in offering the highest quality education in the real estate field. For more information on the courses offered at Key Realty, real estate school of Nevada, contact us. The door to a promising career in real estate starts with Key Realty. Enroll in the premier real estate school of Nevada today!