Hands extending forward with a small model house and set of keys.Fuel your passion for the real estate industry and lend a hand to buyers by becoming a mortgage broker. This is a fulfilling career choice that offers ample opportunities to connect home buyers with the appropriate lenders. To pursue this career path, you have to start somewhere. Key Realty School offers the appropriate mortgage broker classes in Las Vegas, NV, that are required before you can commence your career.

These classes are composed of two sections that combine to reach the 30 hours necessary to meet all of the state and national licensing requirements. The 20-hour SAFE Act course meets all national requirements and is recommended to be completed first, followed by the 10-hour state-specific course. During the National Mortgage segment of the course, you will receive an in-depth understanding of the basics of mortgage lending academics enabling you to take on the state-specific portion more easily. You can learn more about what you will learn from this course and watch a video about the course by visiting our website.

We are offering in-person classes for the national requirements because they require a practical approach to learning. Explore our class schedule and enroll today to jumpstart your career.