The wintertime is sometimes discouraging for realtors, but there are so many ways to successfully sell a home during the colder months.

  • Make the home cozy

Cold, winter months need warmth. Decorating the home with cozy and attractive accents such as blankets and holiday colors can create an inviting atmosphere for the prospective buyer. Turn the heat on if needed or lighting candles can also evoke comfort in the home buyer.

  • Make sure walkways/driveways are clear of snow and ice

An icy slick or snowy driveway or walkway can make the potential buyer wary of the accessibility of the home. By clearing driveways and walkways, the buyer will not immediately recognize how the winter season affects the home. This will also make the potential buyer more focused on the house rather than the trouble of getting to it.

  • Use daylight to your advantage

Natural sunlight will help the home glow and feel more comfortable rather than dreary. Light the home with higher wattage bulbs to add to the warming effect.

  • Light candles or spray scents

Smells are a big part of the brain’s response system, and scents can trigger either pleasant or unpleasant feelings. Scents like cookies and vanilla can significantly lower the anxiety levels in the brain, giving the potential buyer pleasant feelings while also relaxing them. Sprays, candles, and plug-ins can do the trick, but just make sure not to overdo fragrances in the house as it can be too strong and distracting at a certain point.

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