The Best Nevada Mortgage Broker Course

If you’re considering pursuing a career in mortgage lending, it is mandatory that you enroll in a Nevada mortgage broker course in order to meet all qualifications. The state of Nevada requires a student to take 30 hours of a pre-licensing Nevada mortgage broker course to help the student meet all state and national licensing requirements. This 40 hour Nevada mortgage broker course is broken into two sections that are designed to meet both the national and state pre-licensing requirements. A Nevada mortgage broker course from Key Realty School is broken down like this:

  • 20 hour SAFE Act course: This course concentrated on the national side of the licensing exam. It is recommended that a student takes this course in a classroom setting, as it is designed to provide important information at an expedited rate. Students who take this course will receive practical mortgage education through live instruction in a classroom from industry professionals. This Nevada mortgage broker course will surely prepare all prospective lenders for the federal portion of the National Mortgage Licensing Exam.
  • 10 hour state specific course: This Nevada mortgage broker course section helps ensure a student meets all state requirements related to mortgage lending. This 10 hour course helps ensure a student meets all NMLS pre licensing requirements in Nevada.   This portion does not require classroom attendance, and can be carried out online. A student must complete the 20 hour SAFE Act course in order to participate in the state level portion of their Nevada mortgage broker course. The course is completed through instructor lead online, with training and course materials easily accessible on the internet.

If you’re serious about becoming a mortgage lender, enroll in Key Realty School’s Nevada mortgage broker course today! At Key Realty School, we give students the education and knowledge they need to thrive in the competitive field of real estate and surrounding concentrations. To learn more about the NMLS test and what else our Nevada mortgage broker course will provide, visit When it comes to real estate education, make your only choice. For over 20 years, we’ve helped many jump-start their successful career in real estate, and we can do the same for you.