Records Request

Records of courses completed within the previous 7 years can be obtained through the school records database:

Nevada Administrative Code 645.404 requires Educational transcripts to be retained for 7 years from the date of course completion. Key Realty School retains records for 8 years wherein records for course work completed more than 8 calendar years prior are traditionally purged and not required by law to be retained.

Example: 2011 records are purged in 2020 as said records are deemed more than 8 years prior.

Though Key Realty School is a Nevada based educational institution, Key Realty School will maintain records longer than 8 years when state specific law mandates such.

Students who are requesting records for course work more than 8 years prior, may complete and submit this records request form. Once submitted, the school records clerk will attempt to retrieve records that are outside of the legal requirements of document management as defined by law.