Obtaining a Nevada Real Estate License

If you’re hoping to obtain your Nevada real estate license, congratulations! However, there are many requirements that must be met before you’re rewarded with a Nevada real estate license and a career in real estate. In the state of Nevada, real estate licenses are administered by the Real Estate Division, and applicants must successfully meet their requirements in order to obtain a Nevada real estate license. However, don’t fear. Key Realty School can help successfully prepare you to meet all requirements and be prepared for the exam to receive a Nevada real estate license!

In order to fulfill the requirements to receive a Nevada real estate license, one must complete 90 hours of class work that focuses on real estate practices, principles, and law. The coursework must be done at an accredited provider such as Key Realty School. Once the courses are complete, the exam must be scheduled and taken. Nevada real estate license exams are scheduled through PSI Testing Service, and include two parts. The two parts of the exam consist of national and state sections; the state section must be completed in Nevada, whereas the national section can be taken from any other state. Don’t let the idea of an exam scare you! Key Realty school can help you gain confidence and knowledge, so when exam time comes, you’re ready to attack it with intelligence and clarity. However, passing the exam is only part of the process of obtaining a Nevada real estate license.

Upon completion of the exam, applicants are required to fill out a formal application and have the application notarized, along with providing fingerprint cards and copies of the exam results. Real estate applications also require an application fee of $125, which is to be submitted at the time the application is made. The application poses a number of questions, which can sometimes disqualify many applicants. Along with the application, a statement from a real estate broker must also be submitted, which explains that you will gain employment once a Nevada real estate license is successfully obtained.

Knowing what to expect is just the beginning of obtaining a real estate license in Nevada. To be completely prepared without any surprises, consider taking real estate license courses from one of Nevada’s most trusted realty schools. Contact Key Realty School today and begin your journey toward a successful career in real estate. Key Realty School is committed to offering only the absolute best education in all areas surrounding real estate and business practices.