Obtaining a Nevada Real Estate License: What You Need to Do

Obtaining a Nevada real estate license may seem like a difficult process that comes with stress, but the benefits outweigh the hardships once a license is obtained and a fruitful career begins. In the state of Nevada, a Nevada real estate license is administered by the Real Estate Division. The state of Nevada requires several different options for licenses such as a license for a salesperson, real estate broker, salesperson/broker, and permits for those who are managing or wanting to manage property on the behalf of others. Obtaining a Nevada real estate license for those interested in sales, requires up to 90 hours of class work that strongly emphasizes real estate principles, practices, and law.

In order to obtain a Nevada real estate license, a student must enroll and take classes from an accredited real estate school, such as Key Realty School. Once a student completes all coursework and meets requirements, a real estate license exam is administered. The Nevada real estate license exam is broken up in two parts and concentrates on both national and state real estate topics. In order to obtain a Nevada real estate license, the state concentrated part of the exam must be taken in Nevada, whereas the national portion can be taken anywhere. Key Realty School can help provide students with the essential and important information that they must know in order to successfully pass the license exam and obtain a Nevada real estate license.

Once the license exam is completed, applicants are required to fill out a formal application, which is to be notarized, with coinciding fingerprint cards and copies of exam results. The application process contains a large number of questions that sometimes disqualify some applications. With a curriculum designed to prepare potential brokers and real estate salespeople to obtain their Nevada real estate license, Key Realty can help students on the path to securing a promising and adventurous career in Nevada real estate. KeyRealtySchool.com is a proven and accredited school that will help prepare, educate, and help build a strong foundation for a career in real estate.

If you’re serious about obtaining a Nevada real estate license, contact Key Realty School today. Being the preferred real estate and business education providers in the Western United States, Key Realty School is committed to offering world class education in all areas surrounding real estate!   Obtaining a Nevada real estate license begins with a strong education from KeyRealtySchool.com.