Nevada Mortgage Lending Courses

Key Realty School offers several insightful and effective mortgage lending courses in Nevada. Our mortgage lending courses help prepare you to obtain a mortgage lending license, and begin a career within this exciting and often rewarding career. It’s important to remember that the National Mortgage Licensing System now requires all states to comply with a minimum educational and testing standard. Mortgage lending courses help you attain the 30 hour requirements of pre- licensing education; meeting the state and national requirements to obtain a mortgage lending license and practice mortgage lending in the state of Nevada.

At Key Realty School, we offer mortgage lending courses that will help you meet all state requirements needed to take the mortgage lending licensing course, as well as prepare you for a career in the field. We offer a 20 hour course that is designed to ensure you meet the SAFE Act standards and prepare you for the federal portion of the National Mortgage Licensing Exam. It is recommended that all students take the federal test in class, and partake in any state specific exams online.

Our mortgage lending courses are designed to provide only the most practical information possible. Once our mortgage lending courses have been completed, students should be able to satisfy all NMLS requirements and be properly prepared and educated for the Federal portion of the exam. Not only will students be able to meet all requirements, but will obtain a high quality mortgage education through top-notch classroom lecture and instruction, as well as the skills to successfully practice mortgage lending as a career.

Key Realty School is the premier real estate and business school in Nevada, offering top notch mortgage lending courses and so much more. Key Realty School works with mortgage trainers to provide the best education for their students. We also offer mortgage lending continuing education courses that keep students and professionals sharp and educated on the duties and responsibilities of the mortgage profession in the state of Nevada. If you’re looking for the best provider of mortgage lending courses, make Key Realty School your first choice. Key Realty School is the key needed to open the door to a promising future.