Key Realty: The Flexible Las Vegas Real Estate School

With the busy demands of today, it might feel next to impossible to fit education into our already crammed schedules. But when you choose Key Realty School, the premier Las Vegas real estate school, you’ll have the benefit of being able to enroll in a Nevada Real estate pre licensing curriculum that is designed and tailored to fit any schedule. The real estate pre licensing course at this Las Vegas real estate school is broken up into four main subjects that make up the Nevada Real Estate licensing exam, and designed to fully prepare all prospective realtors to pass the exam and obtain their Nevada real estate license. The Four subjects consist of:

  • Realty: 45 hours or 3 college credits are required of Real Estate Principles or licensed experience.
  • Agency
  • Finance: 15 credits are required of finance or other real estate related courses.
  • Nevada Law: 18 hours of Nevada Law is required to participate in the Nevada real estate license exam.

When considering a Las Vegas real estate school, it’s important to take into account that the requirements for a real estate salesperson license includes having completed 90 hours or 6 semester units or approved real estate courses from an accredited Las Vegas real estate school, like Key Realty School. It’s also mandatory that one takes a minimum of 18 hours of Nevada Law. After applying for a Nevada real estate license, students must pass the Nevada state real estate exams within one year after applying for a license. At Key Realty School, we instill the most thorough knowledge or Nevada real estate principles so prospective students can pass the Nevada state exam, and being a rewarding career within the field.

Key Realty, the premier Las Vegas real estate school begins new classes every Monday and although classroom attendance is not mandatory, students are expected to understand all of the 4 subjects thoroughly and utilize out of class room time to keep up with their studies. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas real estate school with a proven record of success, look no further than Key Realty School.   Since 1991, we’ve been helping prepare thousands of talented students for a rewarding career in Nevada real estate.

We’re not only the premier Las Vegas real estate school, we also offer training in California, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii and Oklahoma. Find out more about what makes Key Realty the perfect choice when you’re looking for a Las Vegas real estate school! When you’re looking for the best Las Vegas real estate school, make your first choice Key Realty School.