Key Realty School can Prepare you for your Nevada Real Estate Broker License

If you’re considering a career as a real estate broker in the state of Nevada, Key Realty School offers valuable courses to help you obtain your Nevada real estate broker license. Becoming a licensed broker in the state of Nevada requires individuals to meet educational and licensing requirements. The education requirements include 64 college credits that focus on real estate law, appraisal and business courses.

Becoming a real estate broker affords a person the ability to start their own business or work for themselves. While the day to day duties of a broker are similar to a real estate agent, there are more responsibilities and liabilities associated with being a broker. This is why obtaining a Nevada real estate broker license requires a higher degree of education and testing.   At Key Realty School we offer 9 different broker qualifying courses to help people make the leap from agent to broker.

Our qualifying courses include:

Broker Management
This course is required by the state of Nevada and covers topics such as developing a business plan, structuring an organization, staffing and directing employees, monitoring the operation, and developing as a manger.

This course offers comprehensive coverage of the appraisal profession including the appraisal process, understanding the real estate market, building construction, site valuation, cost approach, and more. Passing this course is also a mandatory requirement in the state of Nevada.

Finance is an elective course designed to explain finance for real estate agents and investors. This course can be done as a home study and completed at your own pace.

The Investment course is focused on real estate investment and offers a wealth of valuable information for real estate agents and brokers alike. This course is also an elective that can be completed at your own pace as a home study.

Property Management
This elective course offers a foundation in property management by taking a comprehensive look at management and administrative practices.

Additional business elective courses are offered in Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Escrow, Business Law and Home Owners Management. Once completed, any of these courses can count toward the education requirements of the Nevada real estate broker license. Key Realty School has years of experience helping people obtain their Nevada real estate broker license. Learn more about enrolling in courses today!