A mortgage broker is a financial expert who acts as a middleman between a mortgage lender and a borrower. As a mortgage broker, you work with homeowners and homebuyers who want to explore their options for either purchasing real estate or refinancing their estate. Additionally, a mortgage broker takes care of the loan origination processes up until the money is disbursed from the homeowner/homebuyer.

Starting a brokerage firm is possible when you choose Key Realty School as an educational provider for mortgage continuing education courses. These courses are required for starting your own brokerage firm, giving you the ability to learn and apply this important knowledge to your future in mortgage lending. If you feel you are an entrepreneur at heart, starting your own brokerage firm may be the best job for you. Getting your broker license through Key Realty School’s real estate licensing classes is the most important step to ensuring the future of your entrepreneurial endeavors in the mortgage brokerage industry.

Financial feasibility is another important aspect of starting your own brokerage firm. Try getting a loan for the cost of purchasing property, hiring real estate agents, building your website, and advertising your brokerage firm. To start your journey toward having your very own brokerage firm, enroll in our 8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Continuing Education courses.