How to Choose the Best Real Estate School

Starting a career in real estate can be extremely lucrative and rewarding. It’s important to believe you can succeed and have the drive to dedicate yourself to your real estate education if you really want to pursue a career in the field. A career in real estate must first begin with choosing a real estate school. Choosing the best real estate school will not only provide you with the best education, but prepare you for your career. If you’re looking for the best real estate school of Nevada, consider Key Realty School! Below are a few tips to consider before deciding on what real estate school is best for you:

  • How long has the real estate school been in business? Key Realty School was formed in 1991, and has a proven success record to back up the claim of being the premier real estate school of Nevada.
  • If you want to practice real estate in a specific state, it’s best to enroll in a school in that particular state. If you’re interested in Nevada real estate, Key Realty School is the perfect choice.
  • Is the school recognized for its education?   Key Realty School is highly recognized from some of the largest real estate companies in Nevada. If you’re looking for a well- respected and acclaimed real estate school of Nevada, consider Key Realty School.
  • Does the school have a strong curriculum? Key Realty School offers an extensive curriculum in a variety of concentrations related to the industry. You can learn more about our curriculum by visiting
  • Is the school involved with the local real estate community? At Key Realty School, we provide placement with over 50 different Nevada real estate companies.
  • Do the instructors have experience in the field? At Key Realty School, our instructors either work in the field or are veterans in the field.

When you’re considering enrolling in real estate school, don’t just settle for less, settle for the premier real estate school of Nevada, choose Key Realty School.   We’re proud to call ourselves the premier real estate school of Nevada, and take even more pride in offering the best real estate education in Nevada.