A mortgage broker is a financial expert who acts as a middleman between a mortgage lender and a borrower. As a mortgage broker, you work with homeowners and homebuyers who want to explore their options for either purchasing real estate or refinancing their estate. Additionally, a mortgage broker takes care of the loan origination processes up until the money is disbursed from the homeowner/homebuyer. Becoming a mortgage broker is simple when you choose Key Realty School.

At Key Realty School, we offer the quality pre-licensing courses needed in order to become a mortgage broker in Nevada or California. Our real estate and business education facility offers a 20-hour course designed to meet the SAFE Act standards and prepare a student for the federal portion of the National Mortgage Exam in the process. Our courses are designed to prepare you for future exams and your future as a mortgage broker. A few topics this course covers include:

  • Disclosure provisions of federal laws related to mortgage lending.
  • Procedures to protect the privacy of consumers as required by federal law.
  • Ethics and discuss the purpose of codes of ethics.
  • Anti-discrimination Laws.
  • Agency guidelines on lending and subprime loans.
  • Primary mortgage market and secondary mortgage market.
  • Loan processing.
  • Standard loan applications.
  • Evaluating borrowers.

For more information on how to become a mortgage broker, contact Key Realty School.