How Do I Get a Real Estate License in Nevada?

If you find yourself often asking “How do I get a real estate license in Nevada”, or “Should how do I pursue a career in real estate”, then perhaps Key Realty School is the perfect match for you. Key Realty School offers several real estate courses in Nevada to help you obtain a license to practice real estate in Nevada. With a hands-on curriculum and experienced educators, Key Realty School encompasses everything you should be looking for in a realty school. If you’ve been asking “how do I get a real estate license in Nevada”, Key Realty School is the answer.

The state of Nevada requires a person to complete ninety hours of real estate education before he or she can become a licensed real estate professional in the state of Nevada. These course hours help ensure a student understands the principles and practices including Nevada specific laws before they can become a licensed agent. Once class time is finished, a student can then schedule themselves to take the Nevada real estate license exam. The exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions, with 80 questions pertaining to national real estate principles, and the remainder comprised of Nevada specific real estate laws. A student must score a 75% or better on both of these exams in order to pass.

You might be concerned about how students meet the course hour requirement necessary in the state of Nevada. At Key Realty School, we offer a number of different ways in which students can meet Nevada requirements, whether they choose to learn in the classroom or at home. We also offer a combination of in classroom and home study options. When it comes to meeting the requirements, we want to make it easy on you, so you can carry on your daily life while striving for excellence in real estate.

At Key Realty School, we want to provide the answers to anyone who ever asks, “How do I get a real estate license in Nevada?” by offering the tools and education required to meet the requirements set in place by the state of Nevada, and helping prepare prospering minds to take the step toward a successful and rewarding career in Nevada real estate. Next time you find yourself pondering “How do I get a real estate license in Nevada?” the answer is at Key Realty School.