Get Your Nevada home inspection license with Key Realty School

If you’re in pursuit of your Nevada home inspection license, the first part of your journey should begin at Key Realty School. At Key Realty School, prospective students will receive an education in home inspection that will help them successfully obtain a Nevada home inspection license and begin an exciting career in the field.

The Key Realty School Nevada home inspection pre licensing course is designed to prepare the students for structural inspection in Nevada. After completed the course and passing all requirements, students will be able to inspect properties under 10,000 square feet, finding specific defects that must be disclosed to any interested parties by law.

In order to receive a Nevada home inspection license, there are steps that must be taken:

  1. Students must complete 40 hours of academic structural inspection education to prepare for the Nevada licensing exam. These 40 hours are covered in course 101 provided by Key Realty School.
  2. Once 40 hours of inspection education is completed, students must sign up for the Nevada structural inspection exam and pass the test with a 75% or higher. There are 90 questions that make up the exam, and the exam is given one week after the end of the course.
  3. After completion of the exam, a student must complete 25 inspections with an existing inspector. Students may also elect to continue their education at Key Realty School by enrolling in the on-site inspection class. This course meet’s ever Nevada post test requirement, and will help students obtain their Nevada home inspection license.

Before even taking the official test, students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of inspection education before being eligible to even sign up to take the exam. Key Realty School offers 60 hours of class, which includes 20 hours of onsite inspection training and 40 hours of classroom instruction. If you’re serious about receiving your Nevada home inspection license, get educated and be fully prepared with Key Realty School.

At Key Realty School, we offer classes in Nevada real estate and business that will help you secure a career in a fast paced and exciting field. From pre-licensing courses to continuing education programs, let Key Realty School unlock the door to your future.