Finding Success as a Property Manager in Nevada

When it comes to successful property management, it’s important to have a solid understanding of both the liabilities and responsibilities involved. From assessing and choosing real estate investments to understanding the daily administrative and operational duties, property management has many facets that need careful attention. That’s why Key Realty School offers a Nevada property management course that prepares people for a successful career as a property manager.

The state of Nevada requires all property managers to maintain an active property management permit. Any person seeking employment as a property manager must have the required permit in addition to their active real estate license for the state of Nevada. In order to help people attain their property management licensing, Key Realty School instituted a Nevada property management course. This course is designed to help students meet all legal requirements for the licensing process.

In order to receive a property management permit, 24 hours of course work is required. After the course work is completed the student must take a 50 question test and pass with a 75% score or better. Once the initial permit is obtained, individuals are required to take continuing education courses every two years to keep their skills current and their permit active. A Nevada property management course is an ideal choice for any Nevada resident who is seeing their property management license or is in need of continuing education credits.

The Key Realty School offers a Nevada property management course every few weeks, all year long. If you’re looking for a classroom to learn the pre licensing materials or to take your continuing education courses, Key Realty School can help. All courses are designed to help students get the knowledge they need to meet the state of Nevada’s property management requirements.

Key Realty School has been trusted by over 50,000 students who were seeking the best in real estate education. For decades, Key Realty School has helped students pass their real estate and property management exams and prepared them for successful careers in real estate. Let Key’s Nevada property management course provide you with the necessary knowledge to be a successful property manager.