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How Long Does it Take To Get a Real Estate License in Nevada?

If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent in Nevada, you may have some questions about the process and how long it may take to get your license. Receiving your real estate license depends on various factors, including the time it takes you specifically to complete the 90-hour pre-licensing coursework. This 90-hour pre-licensing coursework can […]

Common Real Estate Questions Part II

In our last commonly asked questions blog, we discussed the importance of real estate agents in the home-buying process. Real estate agents can help you find homes in your price range and negotiate with sellers, recommend professionals who can help appraise your home and conduct inspections. Las Vegas real estate agents can help you price […]

Common Real Estate Questions Part I

Nevada real estate is amongst the best ways to invest your time and money. Key Realty School is here to teach you a bit about how to get started by answering some common real estate questions. When is the best time to sell (or rent) my home? There is such a time as the “seller’s […]

Continuing Education in a Virtual World

Virtual learning was already on the rise due to advances in technology, but with the presence of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become a necessity.   At Key Realty school we want everyone including all Las Vegas real estate agents to stay safe and healthy. This is why we are continuing to follow all CDC […]

How a Home Inspection Outcome Can Affect a Sale

An important stage of buying or selling a home is the inspection process. A professional with a home inspection license examines the structure and reports on any potential issues. This process not only enables the buyer to know what they are getting into, but it also protects the seller from any future liability.   No […]

COVID Buyers: The Luxury Home Trend

Since the decline in March due to COVID-19, buyers are returning to the market. Interest rates are at a record low, making home buying achievable for many who were previously unable to take that step. Additionally, the luxury market is experiencing a particular boom at this time. Las Vegas real estate agents in particular can […]

How to Attract Out of State Home Buyers

  The Nevada real estate market is on the upswing after taking a dip in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lower mortgage rates mean lower monthly – payments. Attracting buyers from out-of-state comes with its own set of challenges, but with the right approach now is a perfect time. Showcase the Best Features As […]

Reasons Why a Career in Real Estate May be Right for You, Part II

In part I of this blog we talked about how being your own boss, making a great income, and having a flexible schedule are a few things that might make a career in real estate right for you. Here are a few more to consider before you begin the process of learning how to become […]

Reasons Why a Career in Real Estate May be Right for You, Part I

Real estate is a constantly growing field that offers many different career opportunities. Are you wondering if a career in real estate is right for you? Read on to learn more before you begin your research on how to get a real estate license! You can be your own boss: As a real estate agent […]

Tips for Showing Properties While Social Distancing, Part II

In part one of this blog we talked about ways to virtually show a home in order to maintain social distancing, strategies that can be useful even when we’re not minimizing contact due to a pandemic. There will be times that potential buyers need to see a property in person, however, so here are some […]