Student Resource Center

School Library and Student Laptops

In addition to the provided coursework and materials, Key Realty School offers the use of the school library and resource center to any students.

Textbooks –

Key Realty School retains a copy of the most the popular real estate, appraisal, inspection, property management and mortgage lending textbook available for student to review during business hours. Visit the school admission office to review the texts available. Follow the checkout protocol below for use details.    

Laptops –

Student laptops are available for check out in the School Admissions office.   These laptops are for student use and contain multiple practice exams for Federal and State review.   (Over 3000 additional questions and answers in preparation for licensing exams) Students are welcome to come into admissions and check out a laptop to further their education by taking the practice exams.  

NOTE: All student resources can be checked out for a maximum of 3 hours and must remain on the school grounds. Resources are first come first serve and are available between the hours of 8AM to 6PM M-F Pacific Time.

How to check out a student resource –

·                 Bring your driver’s license or state issued ID into admissions office and let the Admissions counselor know you would like to check out a laptop or specific textbook.

·                 Admissions counselor will retain the ID for the duration the student has the item checked out. The ID will be returned when the item is returned.

o     Students must NOT remove the item from the school premises.

o     Students are advised to bring pen and paper for note taking.