School Location

The school admissions office observes most federal holidays. Click here for holiday schedule

Key Realty School operated out of the same location for approximately 25 years but as the state of Nevada has grown, so has Key Realty School. The school’s continual expansion plans require newer and larger facilities. Key Realty School began construction in late 2017 and continues to complete the improvements at the new location 3320 East Flamingo LV NV 89121.

The main location of the school is 3320 East Flamingo LV NV 89121.

Benefits of new location

  • Over double the size
  • Double the parking
  • New facilities and amenities
  • On Site Security
  • Off Site Video Surveillance
  • New Testing centers
  • More Course Offerings

Virtual Tour Of The Campus

Key Realty School has worked with Virtuance to create a tour of the physical Las Vegas facility. Though the school does offer live classroom courses outside of Las Vegas Nevada, the school currently only has a virtual tour of the Las Vegas facility. The admissions office of the school is open Monday through Friday 8AM to 6PM Pacific Time. The school admissions office observes most federal holidays.

Standard Classroom configurations –

Click here to review the virtual of the Las Vegas campus

Social Distancing Classroom configurations –

Click Here to access a slide show of the classrooms configured to comply with social distancing

Key Realty School has modified all classroom locations to half occupancy during the periods for which social distancing is required. As an example, classroom #3 has an occupancy limit of 140 under the standard configuration. Classroom #3 now seats 70 under the social distancing configuration. *See health and wellbeing considerations under school policies for additional details.  

The Flamingo location is located at 3320 East Flamingo Road, two blocks West of I95. The main Nevada location is located 5 miles East of the Las Vegas strip.

Average commutes from around the Las Vegas valley:

·                 McCarran International Airport: 9 minutes – 3.5 Miles

·                 Anthem / St Rose: 18 minutes – 9 Miles

·                 Boca Park / Charleston & Rampart: 21 minutes – 18 Miles

·                 Centennial / Northwest: 26 minutes – 21 Miles  

·                 Downtown Las Vegas NV: 12 minutes – 5 Miles