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Key Realty School is a private adult licensing and business education school based in Las Vegas Nevada. The school offers business and licensing education in all of the following fields:

History of the School –

Key Realty School is a private fee based adult education institution. The school was originally formed in 1991. The school grew with the Las Vegas valley and has now proudly educated more than half of all practicing licensees with the Nevada real estate trades. The school now offers training course in both Southern and Northern Nevada in addition to online courses in many Western states. Over the last 25 years, over 50,000 students have attended both post secondary and non post secondary accredited programs through Key Realty School. The school is currently approved to offer training in: Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii and Oklahoma.

Key Realty School is one of the preferred real estate and business education providers in the Western United States. The school’s dynamic instructors, course materials and school counselors provide for a learning environment that has helped shape business practices and careers of licensees for decades.

Key Realty School is a multi entity group wherein the majority share is owned by Key Consulting a division of the Key Companies.

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