COVID 19 Information

Key Realty School recommends all students remain diligent in maintaining their health recognizing that Key Realty School is a public institution wherein large groups of students congregate on a regular basis. Students should make the best decisions based on their own assessment of classroom attendance when considering all information available.
The center for disease control is the best general resource to obtain up to date information as it relates to contagious illnesses: CDC  

Face masks are required on campus until further guidance is provided otherwise. Click Here

Information about Prioritization and Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccination: Click Here

Information about scheduling the COVID-19 Vaccination in Southern Nevada: Click Here  

The school phone systems (800 472 3893), website and remain open and ready to assist. Click here to check the status of the admissions office hours and operation

Though Nevada is the primary focus of Key Realty School, the school has worked with most Western Regional jurisdictions to ensure classes can be taken through traditional brick and mortar classroom offerings OR via LIVE stream when applicable. This policy will allow students to determine which delivery method works best based on their health and assessment of risk associated with gatherings.

Physical Location Protocol

During the pandemic, Key Realty School will continue to promote a clean and safe environment for students and staff. At minimum, the following measures will be taken to ensure Key Realty School is a sanitary facility:

  • Ultra Clean performed by Cintas on a regular basis as recommended by Cintas
  • Hand sanitizing stations provided by Cintas at the admissions office entrance and the entrance of all classrooms
  • School cleaning staff uses hospital-grade disinfectants when cleaning the school nightly
  • Classrooms set to social distancing guidelines with signage indicating such in the classrooms and proper signage throughout the campus
  • Proper face masks are required to be worn by all students and staff when on campus except for when permitted for removal
  • Temperature checks during specific high traffic hours

Governor Declarations and Nevada Specific Information

Per the request of the Nevada governor, Key Realty School has converted classroom size to the 50% or less occupancy based on the 2/15/2021 stipulations

Key Realty School is open to limited social distancing on May 1 2021 and 100% occupancy on June 1 2021 in accordance with Governor mitigation requirements

Face Masks are NOW required for any person visiting the school OR attending any physical ON SITE course. Students MUST continue to wear a mask during the course of instruction. Students who do not wish to wear a mask can request to LIVE stream the course.  

PLEASE NOTE: All information on this page reflects recent changes as related to the Governor Directive and other state / federal mandates. The COVID 19 situation is fluid. Additional changes may be necessary. Please check this page regularly.  

The Nevada Real Estate Division has established a COVID 19 information page which is maintained with relevant information about affected fields: Nevada Real Estate Division
Click here for additional Practical Updates pertaining to Real Estate related fields

Return to the classroom

In preparation for the return to campus, please note that the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering in public. In accordance with those recommendations, Key Realty School will be recommending all staff and students to wear a cloth face covering while on campus. Please visit the CDC site as it pertains to masks and the standards thereof.

Classroom Social Distancing

Key Realty School has modified all classroom locations to half occupancy during the periods for which social distancing is required. As an example, classroom #3 has an occupancy limit of 140 under the standard configuration. Classroom #3 now seats 70 under the social distancing configuration. *See health and well being considerations under school policies for additional details. See the school location page for additional slide shows illustrating traditional class configuration vs. social distancing class configuration.

Scheduled classroom offerings can change based on information, recommendations or requirements provided by government resources as it pertains to classroom offerings. It is recommended that the calendar link be used to review any future classroom offerings and changes: Calendars  

NOTE: Classroom reservations are NOW required. Class sizes are limited and the seat within the specific offering must now be reserved. Students will be encouraged to take the course through another approved delivery method or wait for the next course offering when the class is noted as full. Students should use their student dashboard to reserve classroom sessions:  

Standardized Cleaning and Disinfecting

Key Realty School follows the directive of the CDC as it relates to the school’s standardized cleaning and disinfecting after being notified of possible exposure.


Click here for archived correspondence as it pertains to events affected by COVID 19